Dad Pays For Toy TWICE Her Size That She Picked Out…Look What Happens Next, LOL!

Parents of young children know what it’s like. You agree to purchase a new toy for your child. He anxiously runs to the toy aisle and selects that special toy.

Most kids are already driving their parents crazy by the time they reach the cash register. Many children will even ask the cashier to give the toy directly to them rather than putting it in a bag.

You may not have realized it, but animals sometimes do the exact same thing. Watch this little puppy act just like a young child.

Lucy the Yorkie goes into the pet store with her people. She happily selects the largest toy she can, a Lamp Chop nearly twice his size.

She waited patiently for her dad to pay for her toy.

“She picked out the biggest one, her Mom said.

The sweet puppy sat for a short time before jumping for joy as her excitement built.

Her dad finally dropped the new toy to the floor putting it within reach of Lucy.

Lucy knew just what to do.

It took a few tries, but Lucy managed to pick up the large stuffed animal and strutted out the door.

She stopped to rest and regain her grip a few times, but she managed to take the toy all the way to her car all by herself.

Although the employees at the pet store no doubt see adorable pets every day, they couldn’t help but offer an audibleAwww!” as Lucy and her new friend pranced out the door.

Source: Little Things

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