Rescuers Found Zeus Tied To A Tree — The Note On His Collar Says It All

As animal lovers, we understand that sometimes, thing happen that make it impossible to keep our pets. However, when you have to face that heartbreaking decision — please don’t follow through like these people did. \


A code compliance officer stopped by a property because of a report of a mattress having been tossed on county land, which was against a city ordinance.

While she was checking the trash she caught something out of the corner of her eye at the back of the property.

It was a dog, on a short leash, tied to a tree. There was a bag of dog food nearby, but his leash wouldn’t let him reach it.

Then she noticed the note tied to his collar.

The note

She called animal control right away because it was apparent that the pup had been out there for days without food or water, then she approached the dog.

He was so happy to see someone, the officer had no problem reaching to his collar to get the note.

She unfolded it and immediately became furious at what it said.

Because they couldn’t afford to care for the poor dog, they tied him to a tree and just left him. What if no one had found him?

Don’t do that

The pooch now in safe hands. Rescuers took Zeus to the shelter where he quickly became a staff favorite.

They knew he’d find his forever home quickly — and he did.

Katherine Elliott had just lost her family dog last summer saw the dog, the shelter gave the name of Zeus.

She met Zeus, went home and gathered her family, and headed back to the shelter.

Everyone got along great, so they immediately adopted him.

Zeus is living a great life now.

Furever home

He has a big fenced yard to run in, kids to love, and Zeus even gets along with the family cat.

While Zeus’ story has a happy ending, there are so many pets who are abandoned in this way.

It’s always better to surrender them to animal control than to leave them out in freezing temperatures with no way to fend for themselves.

Source: Pawpulous

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