The Armed Burglars Thought Joe Was Alone, They Didn’t Know About His Bodyguard.

In recent years, we have begun to appreciate the use of service dogs.

Joey Goindazola has a wonderful pit bull service dog named Zoey and she saved the day.

You see, Joey was heading out to his apartment’s parking garage with Zoey when he saw something very suspicious: 2 teenagers loitering around.

When he got closer, Joey realized that these teenagers were prowlers ready to break into multiple cars.

Not only that, they were carrying guns.

Thankfully, Joey was sharp enough to have Zoey stand watch on these two, but she took it one step further and started barking, which forced one of the teenagers to stand still and not move until the police arrived.

In short, Zoey is our pit bull hero of the day!

We Love Animals has the details…

11-month-old Zoey, a service dog, was by his side on the night of the incident. Joey and Zoey were heading to his parked car in his apartments’ parking garage when they spotted two masked figures loitering about, checking the windows of many cars as they pass by them.

There were two highly-suspicious teenagers lurking about, and Joey had caught them in the act.  In fact, they had actually been trying to break into multiple cars with tools on hand. Joey and his dog were about to get in their car when those two teenagers showed up out of nowhere. Joey questioned the teens, but they threatened him with guns. Joey quickly signaled his dog Zoey to stay and watch one of the teens, but she did something else. Zoey started barking loudly and aggressively, which frightened the teens and sent them running for the hills! One of them ran down the stairs and got away, but the other had landed on top of a car and stayed them till the police arrived. How hilarious!

Zoey got a treat, playtime with her favorite toy and a whole lot of praise. Wasn’t Zoey a wonderful companion to have?

Thanks to Zoey, everyone in Joey’s apartment complex can rest easier knowing that these two thugs will not be stopping by anytime soon!

Source: We Love Animals

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Written by Cate Bryan

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