Whoa! When He Gets Too Close, These Zoo Animals Are Having None Of It!

Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

As much fun as visiting a zoo can be (if it’s a well-maintained zoo where the animals are kept in humane conditions) we should always bear in mind (no pun intended) that the animals we are seeing aren’t cuddly house pets.

Some zoo animals were bred in captivity and some started life as wild animals that ended up needing human intervention for some reason. Whether the animal you are looking at through those bars or sturdy glass barrier has ever known life in the wild or not, you can count on the fact that he DOES still have the heart of a wild animal beating within him. 

And, although you did buy a ticket to get through the gate, you are in THEIR territory once you step through it. Don’t be surprised if some of those wild genes suddenly surface and that cute cuddly lion or tiger or bird suddenly decides to attack the interloper to their home.

Sometimes, you may not be as safe as you think you are, so always be respectful. Teach your kids the dangers of interacting with all animals. Note how quickly this supposedly shatter proof glass breaks under the pressure of this irate big guy.

This little girl’s fearlessness is admirable. But, we hope her parents explained to her the difference in this controlled situation and what dangers could exist.

The mom behind this camera knew the dangers. Her mind told her that the glass barrier would hold. Her instincts sent the camera to the floor and her jumping straight to get her baby out of harm’s way.

Kids really don’t have a clue how much potential danger there is. This cute little toddler is much more interested in the texture of the dirt after he falls down. Never realizing that death was literally just inches away, separated only by a sheet of glass.

The frustration of this poor lion unable to get to her tormentors is hard to watch for anyone who understands animals. It’s no wonder that sometimes otherwise calm and rational animals simply lose their cool and snap.

Animals usually get the bad rap when something happens and an animal attacks a human. But, animal behaviorists can usually pinpoint exactly the time when the ill-fated human made their fatal mistake.

Animals will rarely leave their environment to attack a human. But, if they are cornered, or perceive that a human poses a threat to them, they pull up every bit of wild and crazy DNA from centuries of wildness.

Most animal attacks are brought on by humans that do something stupid.

Don’t be swayed by the heads and trophies in the brag rooms of trophy hunters. They rarely got those trophies by going head to head with a dangerous creature on the creature’s home turf.

After all, no matter the situation, the human with a gun is almost always going to walk away with the prize.

Always be smart when you’re confronting any wild animal. Whether it’s a coyote crossing the road in front of your car or a bear at the zoo. They are all wild animals. And, they probably look at you and think “I’ll bet it tastes just like chicken.”

Source: Honest To Paws

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