When Baby Chicks Wander Up To His Coyote Mix, Owner Expects Carnage, Ends up Stunned Instead

While dogs and cats can become the best of friends, canines and birds don’t usually mix well. In the wild, coyotes consider “bird” another word for “supper.”

Dogs that have been bred for hunting usually think of birds as prey as well, or at the very least, something to pick up and take to their owner.

You would think that a dog that was a mix of coyote and retriever would definitely not consider taking an application from any sort of fowl as their BFF.

That’s exactly what one beautiful golden coy-dog did though.They became not only her BFFs but her family.

One day, Bailey the coy-dog was minding her own business in her own backyard. Out of nowhere, 10 baby chickens came walking through the grass.

Bailey’s mom watched with mounting horror. Bailey had never shown much of a prey drive, but this would be too much temptation for almost any dog.

Before she could race to the door and call Bailey inside, she saw Bailey get up and saunter slowly over to the chicks.

Then, instead of creating the carnage her owner expected, she laid down beside the babies.

Soon they were walking across her legs, up and down her back and even pecking her on the lips. And Bailey’s tail never stopped wagging.

She rolled over on her back in the classic “submission” pose and the babies all jumped on board. And they stayed that way, napping in the sunshine, one big happy family.

Over the next few weeks, Bailey continued to take care of the chicks. I guess she thought they were just really funny looking puppies.

As the chicks got older, Bailey’s mom found homes for all of them with people that were willing to take on the responsibility of caring for a fowl.

We just hope all of them will be as diligent with their care as Bailey was.

She enjoyed life alone for a while. Then one day, as her owner told The Dodo, they brought home a baby quail.

They named it “Scooter.” Bailey gave “Scooter” the same loving attention she had given the chicks until one day it heard the call of the wild and flew away. This time, it didn’t come back.

So, Bailey is alone again now. But, it’s a big world out there filled with all sorts of feathered friends.

I’m sure there will be someone coming along soon that needs a furry mom to help them get a good start on life.

And Bailey will be there. Waiting to share her big fuzzy heart with someone who needs her.

Source: All Cute All The Time

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

Bobbye Hudspeth is a freelance writer living in a little cabin on a creek in North Alabama. She shares her mini-farm with two mini dachshunds, two cats and two fantail pigeons. She is involved in animal rescue and is currently writing a book on combining aerobics and yoga...in the pool.

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