10 + Heroic Humans That — Hands down — Have Hearts of Gold

If you’re a cat lover, you know that they can be loving, adorable friends who can lift our spirits and our hearts. That’s especially important considering so much of the news these days is dark and depressing.

Kitties bring us joy and it’s heartwarming when people have a chance to return the favor.

This cat is getting cuddles
This cat is getting plenty of love. Photo by asobi tsuchiya, license CC 2.0 via Flickr

That’s what the folks below did. They took the time to make a cat’s life a little better. Because sometimes, just like us, cats wind up homeless. Sometimes, they wind up in situations that are beyond their control. That’s why it’s so heartwarming that these people stepped in to make a cat’s life a little easier. BuzzFeed took a little time to document their stories.

Here are 10 people who helped a cat when it needed them

This man in Cuttack, India, who made sure these kittens wouldn’t drown during a flood.

Screen capture by Biswaranjan Rout/AP Images BuzzFeed

This kind woman who adopted three blind cats when no one else would

Big brother Blue and his sisters Meadow and Little Willow were found in an abandoned warehouse in Dubai. All of the kitties were blinded by an illness their former owner never treated. The cats were found just before Christmas 2014 and spent a little time in a foster home.

A former neighbor tried to adopt Blue but he was so upset without his sisters that he cried all night and kept searching for them. Fortunately, on one February evening in 2015, a kind lady named Catherine stepped in, adopting all of the kitties, Bored Panda reports.

Aren’t they just adorable? Photo by Bored Panda

Catherine was worried because she didn’t have a lot of experience with cats.

“I had zero experience having adopted by first-ever rescue kitten just a couple of months prior,” she said. “But their story touched my heart so much the thought of them put in a cage at vet facility indefinitely or even worse.”

Catherine was also worried about their special needs. But she soon understood she needn’t worry.

“The only adjustment early on was keeping everything where it was but they are remarkably adaptive.”

“Blind pets,” she added “see through their hearts.”

Then there’s this person, who grabbed a broom to save this drowning cat

Photo by u/simakoto/ via Reddit/BuzzFeed

And this man helping a stray cat have a drink

GIF courtesy of Imgur

This store owner in Turkey, who has a tasty snack for this kitty

This kitty looks happy to receive this!

And the wonderful neighbor who rescued this trapped kitty

Kudos to the person who rescued this sweet cat. Posted by Reddit user u/zbald135

The community that came together to find Millie

Millie is certainly a lucky cat! Photo by Reddit user u/fletchowns

The neighbor who helped this neglected cat recover from mange

Photo courtesy of Reddit user uwyze444

And the friends who found a home for this senior kitty when her owner passed away

17-year-old Edna May found a home the very next day!

Edna May can live out her days with love thanks to her new owners. Photo by Reddit user u/zippitykitty

But we saved the most touching one for last. Here’s a word of caution though: the footage is gut-wrenching but has a happy ending for the kitty and its owner.

These Russian firefighters were so kind to this beautiful cat.

Cats are so loving and kind. We really can never love them too much. With so much stress and bad news in the world today, isn’t it nice to think about these good-hearted people and the kitties they helped? The world needs love and not hate. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if humans could purr?

Featured image by Biswaranjan Rout/AP Images BuzzFeed

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