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10 Amazing Photos of Shelter Dogs Before and After Finding Forever Homes

All too often, we bring you stories of injured, scared, and helpless animals. Today, instead, we’re talking about some shelter doggies that are celebrating a much-needed win.

Our dog friends have eyes that are deep and expressive; just full of emotion. They can go from joyfulness to concern in a matter of seconds. Dogs seem to have empathy at their very core. All dogs do this because they always have plenty of love to share.

And when they get adopted a dog’s eyes go from sad to joyous almost immediately. You can actually see the transformation.

Like Jake, the senior dog languishing in a shelter

Photo courtesy of Reddit user hotmunch

Look at how happy he is now. On Reddit, his new owners write that the poor dog suffered horrible ear infections, with one ear canal so deeply infected the vet had to remove it.

“He’s so happy every day that we sometimes forget how old he really is. And he’s amazingly grateful — he comes and gives you a big kiss on any given time as if to say ‘thank you,'” wrote Reddit user hotmunch.

Isn’t Jake a beautiful dog? It’s heartwarming to see him in a happy home.

And this sweet pup rescued from a backyard breeder

How about that bottom photo? Isn’t she adorable? Cherry looks like she knows she’s the boss!

Peach, the sweet senior who almost wound up as someone’s dinner

Former shelter dog

Peach was very nearly a victim of China’s dog meat trade, but someone rescued her from a dog meat truck. The difference in her before and after photos, taken by Reddit user arashi13 is striking. Look how happy she looks in her dog bed.

This poor shelter dog whose ears tell you everything

And formerly pudgy Moose who’s like a brand-new dog

Former shelter dog Moose

He’s 15 pounds lighter, and stairs are no longer a problem, writes Reddit user AnHILo.

Toby is the picture of doggy comfort

Photo courtesy of Imgur

That bed looks so soft. Toby is now right where he belongs.

The Schnauzer who’s now a snappy dresser

Little Goldie looks very worried in the first photo, but look at her now! Her eyes are bright, and she almost seems to be smiling. What a change from being stuck at the shelter.

Fuzzy Rufus, adopted from a shelter four years ago, hasn’t looked back

He was a tangled mess before but now look at him mugging for the camera! What a cute doggie smile.

This dog’s smile says it all

From Imgur

In the photo at the left, this dog looks very serious. But after just a few months, the whole world has changed for the better, and that winning smile and those caramel-colored eyes tell you this dog has won the canine lottery and lives in a much happier place.

This scared dog who was a victim of cruelty

Photo courtesy of Reddit user Lourdez01

Someone neglected this cutie pie terribly. So much so that his collar grew into his neck, Reddit user Lourdez01 reports. It left him with scars and trouble with eating. Now he’s out of that lousy situation an obviously feeling much happier.

Adopt, don’t shop

Even if you can’t adopt a dog right now, there are ways you can make their lives a little easier. Why not donate a little of your time and hang out with them at their local shelter? You can also volunteer to take dogs to obedience classes. That improves their chances of adoption.

Another cool idea? Sponsor a fundraiser and donate the cash to your local rescue. While you’re at it why not also for donations of things shelters need most for their dogs? Things like blankets, food, treats, toys, collars, and leashes.

Perhaps the most fun thing to do would be to become a foster dog parent. That way you’d be providing a dog with a safe and comfortable home until the pooch gets adopted.

Dogs give us so much. It’s always wonderful when we can pay it forward.

Featured image courtesy of The Jackson Galaxy Project

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