Abused pitbull finds a tiny and adorable friend and convinces mom to keep her

When Bethany Leigh found Sterling, he was four weeks old. The Pitbull spent his first four weeks in this world, sadly, in a horrible and abusive situation. Luckily for him, Bethany stepped in just in time.

Now, this Pitbull is one of the sweetest you would ever meet. Bethany explains Sterling’s condition:

“He was so small. I was bottle-feeding him regularly. He had giant scars across his chest and legs. With lots of work and love and training, he has become so sweet and loving.”


Bethany also fosters kittens. And that brings us to the next part of Sterling’s adorable story.

It’s Kitten Time!

Recently, Bethany began fostering a kitten named Lux. Someone found the poor thing in a parking lot.

Of course, before Lux got to know Sterling, she was scared of the pitbull. After a few weeks, though, when you saw one of these two, the other wasn’t far away.

The two new best friends started to spend all hours of the day next to each other.

Weeks went by, and Lux just meshed well with the Leigh family. Bethany started to wonder what might happen with Sterling if someone wanted to adopt Lux.

So, she decided it was best for everyone to keep Lux. Bethany explains:

“When we’re in the backyard and I let Lux explore, if he goes too far or starts to climb the tree I tell Sterling to go get his kitty, and he runs to find him. They snuggle and nap together, they both loves balls and toys, they love our backyard and play together back there.”

Now, the pair are officially siblings. To this day, they still spend most of their time together. Both of them started life off in a hard way. Now they can spend the rest of it living well together! This new family has Bethany Leigh to thank — who is not only a great foster mom but pet mom too!

Please share Sterling’s amazing story with friends. He sure is a Pitbull with a very happy ending, as well as a great new family.

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