These 10 Animals Just Declared “We’ll Sit Where We Darn Well Please”

Well, it’s official. Our four-legged friends have revolted and the animals just declared that they are going to sit where they darn well please.

These ten animals certainly give a new meaning to the phrase, “if I fits, I sits.”

Oh, did you want to see his face, too?

Yes, I dumped out the trash. What about it?

You shouldn’t have left pizza in your chair!

Was that sign meant for me?

You didn’t tell me you wanted privacy!

You may now carry me, pig!

I don’t care if you haven’t paid for it yet. It’s mine!

Well, you should have been playing with me if you didn’t want me to send that email.

I said, “that’s my spot!”

That bird just had to leave his mark

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Source: Pawsome

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Written by Samantha Roberts

Samantha Roberts is a lifelong teacher, author, wife and mother of two. She is a speaker and published author who has been writing in books, journals and online for over 15 years.

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