This sweet little baby was delivered to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center by an Uber driver. Photo courtesy of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah via Facebook.

A baby bird is rescued by drunk heroes… and an Uber?

On one recent Saturday night Tim Crowley, who lives in Utah, was having a few beers with friends and hanging out under a tree. It was at that moment that Tim and his buddies noticed a fuzzy little someone at their feet. And the little fella needed their help urgently.

This poor baby bird right here

Photo by The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah via Facebook.

This downy baby had apparently taken a tumble from his nest, and he was obviously too young to fly. He was definitely in trouble, The Dodo reports.

“We were just hanging under the tree it fell out of,” Crowley said.

The men knew they had to do something. They weren’t about to let the baby suffer. So they put down their beers and put their tipsy heads together.

Was this baby calling for his mama? Photo courtesy of Tim Crowley via The Dodo.

First, they moved the little bird to a safe spot that wasn’t right under their feet. To Crowley, the best idea was to take him to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah.

Getting the tiny bird there was another story, though. Each of the men worried they were too tipsy to get behind the wheel.

Uber comes to the rescue

“We had a few beers and didn’t feel safe to drive,” Crowley told The Dodo. “That was when one of our friends first suggested we call an Uber. It was a joke at first, but then we said ‘Why not?'”

This baby bird was safe.

And that’s exactly what they did.

An Uber car arrived shortly after the call. Crowley informed the driver the baby bird was to be her passenger.

“She was like ‘What?'” Crowley said. “She was shocked.”

This tiny bird is safe. Photo by Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah via Facebook.

Even so, she took the tiny creature to the center and dropped it off with the rehabilitators. To say the least, workers at the center were, uh, slightly shocked at their new patient’s non-traditional ride.

Crowley and his friends definitely did the right thing, though, they said.

“While we feel we’ve seen it all and can’t be amazed by anything, there is always someone out there to prove us wrong,” the rehabbers wrote. “Thank you to the rescuer who helped this one get the care it needed in a timely manner and thank you for keeping yourself safe and others on the road safe as well!”

The tiny bird is thriving

And he has a name now, thanks to Crowley and his friends. Rehabilitators will release Petey back into the wild in the next few weeks — just as soon as he’s strong enough.

Of course, Crowley and his friends couldn’t resist celebrating after the Uber driver picked Petey up. Learning that he’d arrived safely, the guys proposed a toast.

“If I remember correctly,” Crowley said, “it was ‘Here’s to Petey!'”

We should also raise OUR glasses to Crowley and his friends for rescuing this baby and doing it wisely (if rather unconventionally). Kudos, guys!

Featured image by the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah via Facebook

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