Adorable Baby Otters See Their Favorite Person, Watch How They Show Their Excitement – It’s Precious!

There’s nothing like having a hungry animal waiting for you to bring you its food. If you are ever feeling down and useless, just show up with food when someone’s hungry.

Suddenly, you feel like a god. At the very least, the most important person in the world.

It’s a heady feeling to have someone so excited to see you that they wiggle and twist and make funny sounds. Hopping around, darting back and forth, all eyes on you. Look at me, I’m a rock star!

For people who work in the animal industry, that euphoric feeling of being needed never goes away. Especially when you work with some of the cutest animals in the world.

Otters are undoubtedly some of the universe’s cutest creatures, even after they grow into adulthood. They never lose their childish joy at even the smallest things in their world.

A rock, a leaf, another otter. Anything can become a toy to one of the world’s favorite animals.

They always play with such gleeful abandon. We should all take note. They have a lot to teach us about appreciating the little things in life and understanding that laughter makes the world go around.

It’s impossible to be sad when there’s an otter around. Especially this litter of baby otters at the New Forest Wildlife Park in Southampton, England.that are waiting somewhat impatiently for their scheduled dinner to arrive.

When a group of tourists walks up, they begin their pitiful cries designed to make silly humans believe that they haven’t been fed in days and are absolutely starving.

These little baby otters have to be the world’s best creatures at showing their appreciation for the person walking up with food in hand.

Don’t they sound like the little squeakers in pet toys?  Could anything be cuter?


Source: We Love Animals

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