Rescuers Save Baby Seal Stranded On The Beach, He Shows His Gratitude In The Most Surprising Way

In today’s digital age, we often hurry off and fail to remember to be hospitable and use our manners the way we know we should.

One animal can teach many people a thing or two about gratitude. After being stranded in shallow water, this baby seal was rescued.

Happy to be in the arms of his rescuer, she didn’t try to flee from her arms. He seems to understand that the rescuer is going to get him to safety.

He was quickly returned to the water where he immediately started swimming and doing flips in the water. He was so happy to be free again.

Then he began thanking the rescuers for saving his life. He went to each one to touch them and look in their eyes to show his gratitude.

Watch this video of the rescue and the touching goodbyes. It will melt your heart.

Source: The Dodo

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