Walter has come a long way. Screenshot by RSPCA/Yahoo!News

He ate batteries and glass to survive — Now Walter is ready for his forever home

For those of us who love animals and have kind hearts, stories that have cruel beginnings can be devastating. But if the story has a happy ending it gives us reason to have a little faith in the human spirit. That’s why the story of Walter, a bully breed dog is so uplifting.

Walter looks like this now…

Walter is a beautiful dog
Walter is now ready for a forever home. Screenshot by Yahoo! News

…But he looked like this before

This is how malnourished this sweet dog was when he was rescued. Photo by Yahoo! News

Alerted to the dog’s plight by a member of the public, RSPCA investigators were horrified when they found him in the garden of an abandoned house in Accrington. Sweet Walter, whose name was Eric at the time, “was the thinnest dog ever seen alive,” LancsLive reports. He was so emaciated that you could see all his bones through his skin.

Walter received life-saving treatments. Screenshot courtesy of Yahoo!News

RSPCA inspector Nina Small rushed Walter to a vet’s office across the street. The poor dog was unable to stand up or raise his head. He needed care for five months but has gained weight and made a remarkable recovery. He now weighs a healthy 20kg (44 pounds) and is an adorable lively dog.

Hunger forced Walter to eat batteries and shards of glass

Walter at the beginning of his recovery. Screenshot courtesy of SWNS TV via YouTube

“As well as being the thinnest dog I’ve ever seen alive, he had very overgrown nails and was absolutely covered in urine,” Small said. “His feces had pieces of glass and metal as big as a 50 pence piece in it, and bits of batteries.”

A spokesperson for RSPCA Lancashire noted:

“He’s been at death’s door, but now he is the picture of health.”

And he’s ready to find a home of his own, Yahoo!News reports.

Walter spent the past five months in foster care with a dedicated family who brought him through the worst of it. This is probably the first time the sweet boy has been cared for with love and kindness. He’s quite obviously one very resilient dog. Despite all he has been through, he’s a sweet-natured dog who loves people.

Walter is the perfect family dog

Walter will soon have a loving home
Walter is adorable. Screenshot by SWNS TV via YouTube

“He has a wonderful, energetic personality and lots of character,” Small said. “He loves taking long naps cuddled up next to you and is happy living in a home with cats and another dog.”

Walter needs a little more socialization with people and other dogs. Because of his boisterous nature, Walter would do best in a home with older kids.

It’s hard for me to imagine how someone can be so heartless to an animal, but Walter’s former owner was just that. Let’s hope that owner never takes in another pet. It’s an intrinsic part of a dog’s nature to be loving and despite such a cruel beginning, Walter has become a dog with a wonderful, forgiving heart. We hope he finds the loving home he deserves.

Featured image by RSPCA/Yahoo!News

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