French Bulldog Is Given Normal, Everyday Dog Toy, But His Reaction Is Anything But Normal

All dog owners know how protective their buddies are of their masters. Even the tiniest pup becomes a guard dog when something or someone new comes to the door!

Most dogs have this in their nature. They love to show off their ferocity, even when the worst they can do is shower you with licks. After a few good sniffs, most dogs become big softies, eager to get affection from a newcomer.

This is true even of the humble French bulldog. Like most breeds, they have a few specific personality traits. French bulldogs, while relatively quiet dogs have big personalities that make them loved by many.

They like to puff up their chests and act tough, especially when in the presence of their owners. But sometimes even these tough guys are outmatched—as in the case of this one French bulldog, whose antics have gone viral.

Like all French bulldogs, this pup is incredibly loyal and friendly. He is a beloved companion to his owners. He also possesses incredible energy and loves to play. Though small in size, he carries with him a personality that rivals the biggest mastiffs!

Our pal had the run of the house, making everything in his sight know who’s boss. But one day, he encounters something he wasn’t expecting. Like most dogs, he had to investigate it.

Despite his bravado and excitement, this new foreign object was just too much for him to handle. It got him running for the hills! The viral video shows this adorable guy speeding through his home, desperate to get away from this frightful entity.

But what was this object that made such a bold French bulldog flee in panic? Why, it was only a bright, pink, plastic ball!

Most dogs wouldn’t hesitate to dive onto a ball as big and round as this one. This little guy, though, was a bit overwhelmed. The exciting footage was put online, to the tune of the classic Indiana Jones theme. Pretty fitting, as this French bulldog reminds us of our favorite adventurer, as he ran from that giant ball of doom!

Except this ball is hardly one of doom, but of delight. No doubt after our furry pal calmed down, he realized he was in the presence of a brand-new toy. Hours of fun were had as he tried to master this new challenge.

Be sure to check out the video for a good laugh. And pass this story along to all your dog lovers!

Source: Honest To Paws

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