Trapped in a Filthy Basement, this Bulldog’s Reaction to Her Rescuers is Priceless

When a woman heard a constant barking from her neighbor’s house for weeks — she knew something was definitely not okay. What she ended up finding in that filthy basement shocked her to her core — but the dog’s reaction startled her even more.


Although the house in question was pretty much abandoned, the woman knew there was a dog living in there. So, she decided to investigate. The good Samaritan contacted the property owner — and he knew about the dog.

Eventually, the woman got permission from the homeowner to take water to the dog in exchange for allowing her to look in the house. When she laid her eyes on the pooch, her heart sank.


There she was, trapped in a filthy abandoned basement — Gracie, the adorable bulldog. All alone for weeks at a time.


Now, it’s easy to assume that living in those conditions would make anyone grumpy and sad. Well, that’s not the case for Gracie. Instead, Gracie ran to her rescuers, huddled into their legs, and gave them kisses.

filthy basement
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It was clear that the poor little girl craved some contact with just about anyone at that point. Gracie’s rescuers got right to work. They wrote:

“Her feet are caked in feces and her voice is hoarse from barking. She is absolutely desperate for attention and food (he feeds her by dumping a bag of food every few days) … but she is so sweet. Please … can any dog rescues take her?”


Soon someone contacted the Queen City Bulldog Rescue (QCBR) — and they came to rescue Gracie. But the rescuers couldn’t just take Gracie; they had to make a deal with the property owner.

The owner informed everyone that he used Gracie for breeding. Of course, he left her in the basement because she is no longer needed. He eventually agreed to let Gracie go for $200.


Chelsea Muenzer, the owner of the QCBR says,

“She craved human touch! The moment we came in contact with her she immediately trusted us and I swear knew she was safe.”


After finding Gracie the Bulldog in awful living conditions, rescuers made sure to get her the correct medical attention. When they found her, she had a few issues — including skin problems.

Now the rescue is working with doctors to help her improve her skin conditions. The rescue also spayed Gracie.

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“She is living a cozy life right now. She’s a newfound fan of cozy blankets, walks in the sunshine, playing with human kiddos, bubble baths, and cookies,” said Chelsea.

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Currently, Gracie is in foster care and the family says she seems like a really good fit. It looks like our sweet girl already found herself a forever home.


We found an update and we have some incredible news!

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If you’re as obsessed with Gracie as we are, for the next four days only, you can get you own Gracie Gear — as well as contribute to a good cause. Check out Ink to the People’s site for more information.

Ever since this sweet girl’s rescue, her life has changed for the better. From being a bulldog in a filthy basement to a bulldog in a loving environment, her health and happiness are better than ever. Share this with your friends to celebrate Gracies success!

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