This cat always comes home with the neighbors stuff. When I saw what it was, I was in stitches!

It’s almost unbelievable!

Cats are known to bring home some rather unwanted gifts for their owners.

Many cat owners have been “blessed” to receive lizards and birds from their precious feline hunters.

Sarah Nathan’s cat brought home something a bit more unusual.

Brigit, an adorable Siamese cat, has a habit that is not quite so adorable. She loves to roam the neighborhood and entertain herself.

She also has a knack for bringing home men’s underwear and socks.

Brigit steals men’s socks and underwear from clotheslines throughout her neighborhood.

Check out the photo of Brigit’s collection of socks and underwear from one two-month period.

Nathan is sorry that Brigit keeps stealing from her neighbors so she posted notes on social media alerting her neighbors.

“Then they saw Brigit’s story on Reddit and got in contact. They even watched her do it – using her whole bodyweight to pull things down before taking off with them.”

“Are You Missing Underwear? We have discovered that our cat has stolen a large amount of men’s underpants and socks from a neighbor. We live on George St. If it is you, we are very sorry. We have them here and we can return them. You’ll be pleased to know we are moving…”

“At first, they thought a person was stealing their stuff, Nathan wrote.

Brigit has continued her thieving ways. And Nathan will no doubt have to continue apologizing and returning men’s socks and underwear.

She does now have a pet tracker that will hopefully make it easier for Nathan to figure out whose underwear Brigit is bringing home.

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Source: Meow Bark Moo

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