Chunky Was Abused And Left For Dead, But Chunky Had A Different Plan…

Chunky the chihuahua isn’t the poetic picture of a hero.

He’s just a scrappy pup who survived hell and inspires others.

Chunky, less than a year old, was stolen, fed drugs, hit and punched.

His tiny neck and legs were broken.

The torture continued when Chunky was set on fire, and abandoned – left for dead at a trash dump.


But Chunky wasn’t done.

Beaten and broken, he wandered around for days until help found him.

Then authorities found the ones who tortured him.

Four drug-fueled teenagers were caught and two admitted to the cruel torture of Chunky.


Expectations were the teens would receive harsh penalties.

Instead, while Chunky suffered, the teens walked away with fines and are forbidden from owning any animals for five years.

“The whole thing sends shivers down my spine,” said Caroline Doe from the RSPCA. “The defendants may have been young and confessed to being under the influence of drugs, but the cruelty they inflicted on this poor dog was extreme, barbaric and inexcusable.”

The barbaric torture committed against Chunky prompted government officials to seek harsher penalties against those who abuse animals, including a registry of such offenders.

The teens may believe they got off with just a laugh for their actions, but they’ll have to live with what they did to an innocent pup.

Chunky received all the medical attention he needed.


He’s a survivor.

Chunky fully recovered and is grinning ear-to-ear at home with his loving owners.


Source: Pawpulous

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