Circus Lion Chained For 20 Years, Finally Set Free, Even Rescuers Cry As They Watch

Most people have at one time enjoyed a traveling circus or road-side attraction featuring live, exotic animals. Everyone expects these venues to provide healthy living environments for the featured animals.

It’s not always what you think

Unfortunately, what the public sees often does not reflect the seedy dark side of animals’ lives in captivity.

These animals regularly exist trapped in a world with little or no freedom and limited contact with anyone who really cares about their welfare. Sometimes for years or even decades at a time.

“Cool” or “interesting” animals don’t live luxurious lives like Hollywood celebrities, or even as luxurious as a house pet.

Circus lion

Case in point is this mountain lion named Mufasa trapped in a never-ending life as part of a traveling roadside circus in Peru.

His owners paraded him before the crowds to profit off the “wild” cat.
In reality, Mufasa lived a life no proud lion would ever want.

For 20 years he spent most of his life in chains, tied down in the back of a pickup truck.

Mufasa’s life in chains changed for the better in 2015. After a months-long battle to gain his freedom, this lion was about to be free.


Animal Defenders International discovered Mufasa in the group’s efforts to shut down the traveling circus holding the lion captive.

Released from his chains by the group, Mufasa no longer has to endure the grind of traveling in chains and the ritual of people gawking at him.

His remaining years will be spent in a protected environment where he is able to roam at will.

Check him out in the video below:

Mufasa can now enjoy the “wild” life of freedom.

Source: We Love Animals

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