9 Year Old Cooper Gets Surprise Letter From Santa – When He Sees His Gift, I Instantly Burst Into Tears

Christmas is coming up quickly this year and I am ready as ever!

There’s nothing better than cold weather, hot chocolate, and good times with the family.

Oh yeah — and the presents. =)

Those of you with kids and grand-kids know that while buying presents can be a huge hassle, one of the best parts of Christmas is the look of pure joy and happiness when they see something they just LOVE!

And nobody shows pure joy and happiness quite like the face of a child.

This video shows a 9 year-old-boy Cooper who has been excellent all year and has been non-stop DYING to get a puppy of his own. He begged his parents and did extra chores for months in preparation.

As it got closer and closer to Christmas, Cooper was told to get ready and get in the car. They were going to pick up someone special…

They handed him this note from Santa, and the rest is in the video below. The moment you see him realize what’s about to happen, the emotion hits him so strongly that I instantly burst into tears!

What a special video and such a sweet reaction to getting a puppy for Christmas.

Animals truly are a gift from Heaven on earth and I bet Cooper will be an owner any pup would be lucky to have.

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If you can’t watch with sound (It’s 100% better with sound), here is a gif with captions for you!

Source: Youtube, Imgur

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Written by Collin

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