Cops Hear Desperate Cries Coming From Abandoned House. They Look Inside…And Tears Spring To Their Eyes

When you’re a police officer, you never know what the future brings.

You can’t predict what will happen or what you will find, which is why you must be forever vigilant.

So, when a few Chicago police officers heard desperate crying coming from an abandoned home one day, they knew they had to investigate.

But they also knew that they had to be cautious.

So they approached carefully, hoping they’d be able to help…and hoping they wouldn’t run into danger.

Well, it wasn’t danger they encountered. In fact, it was something just plain heartbreaking.

There, sitting in a filthy room and begging for rescue, were two dogs, huddled together and obviously starving.

They were just skin and bones, obviously malnourished, abused, and terrified.

If you weren’t aware, most cops are dog lovers (just ask the K9 guys) and besides, they are human, after all.

Who could see that and not act immediately?

The officers did indeed act immediately; they gently gathered up the dying dogs and rushed them to the nearby Trio Animal Foundation.

Staff members fed and hydrated the dogs as quickly as possible, and the two rescues were named Emmy and Oscar.

It was touch and go for a little while but the two brave pups did indeed survive and then came the best part…

Both were adopted by loving families!

Nobody can fathom how certain people can be so cruel to innocent animals.

But it’s heartwarming to know that there are plenty more people who love those animals and will do anything to save, protect, and love them.

A big congrats to these police officers, too!

Check out pics of the freshly healthy pups and their new families:

Source: Honest to Paws

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