Curious Kitty Checks Out His Buddy, His Nose Gets In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time – LOL!

The look on his face is priceless!

Thank goodness humans don’t greet each other the way our pets say hello when they meet an old friend. Dogs and cats get right to the bottom of things when they want to check out a new friend.

First thing they do is put their nose right under the other animal’s tail. We humans think they are being pretty crass and crude by doing so, but actually, the reason they do so is a little more evolved than anything we humans are capable of doing.

Dogs and cats have olfactory (smelling) glands that are far more sensitive than those of humans. To an animal, sniffing another animal’s bottom end is the same thing that we humans do when we exchange business cards.

We are all simply sharing all of our pertinent information. Ours is just printed on paper and our pets carry theirs in a gland on their bottom.

By sniffing each other’s rear end, animals can tell almost anything about each other. Age, sex, whether they are fertile and a dozen other things. They can sort out hormones, pheromones and lots of things other than the “poop smell” that it appears they are looking for.

Most animals are pretty good-natured about letting another animal “smell their business card.” Some seem to take it a little more personal than others do.

Even animals that share a house sometimes take a sniff, just to be sure they haven’t missed anything. After all, we all have little changes going on in our bodies every day.

Sometimes, animals even take a surreptitious sniff of their own bottoms, just sort of a quickie personal checkup.

One of those daily changes can be a build-up of gas in our large intestine. Gas that eventually comes out in the form of a fart.

Everybody farts. And it shouldn’t be the cause of any embarrassment. (Although we all become 9 years old and start giggling when someone farts in our presence, just the same).

Whether you’re a princess or a pauper, a boxer or a tabby, we all fart between 10 and 20 times a day on average.

Sometimes these bouts of flatulence can have a bad odor, sometimes almost none. It just depends on what we’ve been eating, and how long it’s been in our intestines.

For one little cat who went in for a morning sniff of his housemate, it was apparent that the ill-timed fart that occurred just as he dived in was one of the ‘deadly’ variety.

The look on his face says it all. Shock. Betrayal. How could his friend do such a thing?

It had all started so innocently. Just a quick early-morning check up to be sure his friend hadn’t suffered any big changes through the night.

Yep, all seems normal.

Then suddenly, whether on purpose or by accident, his friend lets out a startling toot. Apparently, judging by the look on the poor victim’s face, a particularly smelly one.

The victim immediately scolded his friend for his social faux paux. But it was too late. The bomb had been dropped. And their friendship had been sorely tested.

What’s the best thing to do if you find yourself in this position when you’ve accidentally experienced a little accidental passing of gas?

99% of cats surveyed say their suggestion is to try to look innocent. And blame someone else. (Ok, we didn’t actually survey any cats, but if we had, we’re pretty sure what they would have said. They’re cats after all. Masters at the “I didn’t do it” defense.)

Source: Honest To Paws

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