Man Finds Raccoon Strangling To Death. Frantic, He Just Has Minutes To Save Him

When one raccoon wandered into a garage looking for a warm place and a meal, he didn’t know the danger he was in.

He heard a human’s footsteps and quickly tried to hide, lunging beneath a car tarp!

This wasn’t an ordinary tarp though, this one had elastic bands around the edges to keep it tucked beneath the car. One of these bands caught the raccoon’s neck!.

By the time the human entered his garage, the raccoon was almost strangled to death.

The man picked up the raccoon and tried to untangle the tarp.

He loosened the tarp enough that the raccoon revived. He repaid the man’s kindness by trying to bite him.

Typical raccoon behavior, and probably exactly what the man would have done had the roles been reversed!

In seconds though, he seemed to realize the man was trying to help, not hurt him, so he relaxed a bit.

The man had no luck untangling the tarp, so he tried cutting it.

His knife wasn’t sharp enough to get through the very heavy duty material.

And, the coon was getting closer and closer to losing consciousness with every moment.

Luckily, a neighbor happened along and joined in trying to free the little-masked bandit.

Together they managed to cut through the tarp enough to loosen it so the animal could breathe. 

Eventually, they had the raccoon loose from the tarp-covered car, but it still had a choker collar of tarp around its neck.

They knew if they turned him loose it would be a death sentence, as he would likely get it tangled while he was climbing and hang himself.

So, finally one of the men held the raccoon and the other pulled at the ring of tarp around its neck.

Eventually, it popped over his head and the animal was free!

He laid on the ground taking deep breaths for a few moments, then stood up and began to shakily walk around.

The men felt so sorry for it that they fed it a nice meal of dog food to make up for the drama.

Another neighbor filmed the dramatic rescue which they’ve shared below.

Thanks, men, for putting yourselves in danger to save the life of a helpless animal. We believe in karma and we’re sure that you’ll reap in life exactly what you’ve sown. The seeds of kindness.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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