Rescuers Are Trying To Save This Dog Drowning In Raging Floodwaters, And This Footage Is Something You Don’t Want To Miss

There aren’t many videos that keep me on the edge of my seat… but this is one of them.

Holy cow.

After waters quickly rise, this dog is caught in the fast-moving rapids. He was struggling hard and giving it his all. Some onlookers spot the dog and immediately jump into action.

They form a human-chain and link themselves together to try and reach the dog.

As you see in the video, the dog gets close time and time again.

You’ve got to give it to this pup. He has some EXTREME determination and will-power kicking in here. He knows it’s either swim harder, or it’s over.

Let’s just say, I was very loudly rooting for the dog when I watched this — it’s just SO TENSE!

Watch and Share — We need more stories of heroism and good deeds in the world!

Source: The Dodo Youtube

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