Shelter Dog Gets A Gift From Her New Family, Now Watch Her Paw

We all want to see shelters emptied of all of their animals.

We want to see each and every one of those precious creatures living happily in their forever homes. Sadly, while this may happen occasionally in some shelters, it is not a reality in most.

Most shelters house animals both in need of a home and also in need of medical care. Dora was brought to the animal shelter after being found roaming the streets.

She was under weight and in dire need of medical attention. Dora is an amazing dog with a sweet, loving personality.

She is the kind of dog that shelters are made for, those in need of extra care and then help finding their forever homes.

Dora’s story has a happy ending. After months in the shelter, she was finally adopted.

But unfortunately, she could not go home with her new family. She still needed additional care before she would be well enough to go home.

That is where this story takes an amazingly sweet turn of events.

Dora’s family was so eager to welcome her into their family that they simply could not wait for her to get well before welcoming her.

So, they sent a big care box to her at the shelter. It included toys, treats, a handmade doll and even a card.

Dora watched excitedly as the package was opened for her, her tail wagging like crazy the entire time. She was thrilled to have the new toys and treats, especially a hand knitted doll that looked just like her.

Dora will be home soon with her forever family. She will have plenty of space to roam and play. She will have so much fun exploring with her new family which includes a new brother, another dog named Cole.

This is a heartwarming story of the love that so many animals never receive but that this one dog was blessed to receive. No doubt she will be a blessing to her new family as well.

Source: Animals Being Cute

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