Terrified Dog Stranded On Ice Floe, Waiting For Death…Fishermen Have Just 1 Shot At An Insane Rescue

Okay, the first question is probably obvious:

How the heck did a dog end up stranded on a miniature iceberg in the middle of the ocean?

Well, we might never be able to answer that (one of nature’s great mysteries, perhaps), but what’s important is how the poor pooch survived.

The dog you see here was going to die out in the bitter cold Siberian sea, unless a miracle happened.

But miracles happen every day, don’t they?

As it happened, a Russian fishing vessel spotted the stranded pup near Port Magadan; the dog barked at the passing vessel to get its attention.

Well, the fishermen knew they had to do something fast. But what?

It’d be difficult to get the huge ship close to the dog without injuring or killing the scared animal. So what could they do?

Without even thinking about it, one of these brave fishermen leaped into the freezing water and swam toward the dog.

Coping with frigid temperatures, the soon-to-be hero attached a tether to the ice floe, which was in turn attached to the ship.

Then they just had to carefully pull the floe and its precious cargo toward the boat…

And yes, it actually worked. The dog actually had icicles hanging off his nose when the fishermen brought him aboard!

And now, the dog is back on land, safe and sound. But he wouldn’t be if it weren’t for one supremely brave individual.

If this video doesn’t make your day, fellow animal lovers, nothing will!

Source: Honest to Paws

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