Poor Chance Is Abandoned, Tied To Road Sign To Die On New Year’s Eve. That’s Not The Worst Part

Most responsible pet owners cannot fathom how someone could simply walk away from a dog that trusts them with their life.

They know that a pet is a responsibility for life, not just while they are cute, fuzzy puppies.

One pit bull in Mount Baldy, California started the New Year in a terrible way.

He was left to die, tied to a road sign, in the darkness of New Year’s Eve.

With no food or water, and not being in a well-traveled area, it was likely that the dog would have been attacked by other dogs, hit by a car or picked up by someone with an eye towards using it for money from dog fighters or laboratory suppliers.

But, he got lucky. He got another chance at a new life in a new year.

In fact, because of the circumstances, rescuers gave him the name of Chance, to remind everyone that there always is one. We all have a chance at a brighter future if we just reach for it.

Chance was not only left without any food or water, but he had a huge tumor on one testicle that had gotten infected.

If he hadn’t been found soon, he would have most certainly been dead.

The local humane society took him in and gave him the medical care necessary. There was no way to know how long he had patiently laid there, tied on a too-short rope to a signpost.

He was not emaciated and did not have scars and bruises. But, certainly, his soul must have suffered watching the car carrying his family driving away.

Despite his ill-treatment, rescue workers report that Chance is very loving and sweet and seems to want nothing more from life than to be petted and loved.

Good luck, Chance! May this New Year bring you everything you didn’t know you wanted.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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