Family Dog Freaks Out & Grabs Young Daughter, Shocked Dad Scrambles When He Realizes Why

Rodney Bacon and his daughter Harper were in their yard when their pit bull Shrek began behaving erratically. Rodney was walking towards their SUV to get their mail out of the seat, with Harper on his heels.

Suddenly, Shrek was tugging at Harper and pushing her away from the car. Harper wasn’t a fan of his pushiness. “Stop pushing me! Trek, stop pushing me!” Harper shouted sternly. But, Shrek didn’t stop.

Realizing something was wrong, Rodney picked up Harper and got her back into the house. They watched as their other pit bull, Gracie, came running up to Shrek, also acting very strangely, barking and jumping and snapping.

Rodney realized suddenly that Shrek had been keeping Harper from getting too close to a huge rattlesnake that was coiled by their SUV. He headed out to try to kill the snake and keep the dogs from getting bitten.

As soon as I closed the door the other dog starts barking at it,” Rodney said. “And that’s when she was going after it, and the closer I got to the snake, the more aggressive she got. She ended up killing the snake by the time I got the shovel.”

Sadly, although Shrek had avoided the strikes of the angry snake, Gracie was bitten. Instead of running to Rodney for help though, she ran off into the brush.

I thought she ran off to die,” Rodney said. She returned the next day, her face swollen and looking near death.

“The following day I came back at lunchtime and there was another rattlesnake there and she was sitting there and she killed that one too,” Rodney explained. “And she had another bite on her leg. At that point I tied her up and I was like, ‘I’m taking you to the vet right now.’”

The vet checked her out and treated her bites. Dogs can survive snake bites that would kill a human. A small human, like Harper, wouldn’t have stood much of a chance if Shrek hadn’t gotten between them and the snake had bitten her.

Despite having a big, swollen head, Gracie is doing fine now. “She can breathe, eat, drink, and she’s wagging her tail as happy as ever,” Rodney reported.

Rattlesnakes won’t go out of their way to bite you. But, if you get into their space, which is wherever they happen to be, they will bite anything that moves.

The abundance of prairie grass and sage bush in the area surrounding the Bacon’s home makes it the perfect environment for rattlesnakes to thrive. Everyone in the family knows to look out for them and get out of their way.

The prairie rattlesnake is a pit viper. So named because they have a distinct triangle-shaped head equipped with heat-sensing pits, located on each side of the head between the eyes and nostril. They rapidly strike the prey at a distance is 2/3 of its body length, biting it with their retractable hollow fangs and injecting the venom.

The female prairie rattler can give birth to up to 25 live babies at a time. The babies have a poisonous bite from birth, sometimes more venomous than their parents. With those kinds of numbers, Gracie and Shrek have their work cut out for them taking care of little Harper and her family!

Thanks to Gracie and Shrek, little Harper went to bed that night safe and happy. The story would have been far different had they not been there.

Source: NTD TV

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