Cranky Old Feral Cat Meets Kittens…What Happens Next Leaves Everyone Speechless – Wow

Feral cats live tough lives.

While not as fierce as their wild relatives like tigers and lions, feral cats have to fend for themselves in much the same way.

They spend their lives hunting for food and seeking shelter with every day a fight for survival.

Rescuers recently discovered an aging feral cat they named Mason.

He had advanced kidney disease that was beyond treatment.

But instead of putting him down, his rescuers made the decision to help him live out his final days the way his entire life should have been, filled with love and care.

Mason was cranky and did not like to be touched at all. He had abscessed teeth and an injured foot that were treated before he came to his rescuer’s home.

There he met some foster kittens. Their meeting will melt your heart.

Mason responded lovingly and tenderly to the kittens. He let them get close to him and touch him.

He even let them play with him, knead his fur and snuggle with him.

These kittens did so much to make Mason feel loved, much more than any human had been able to do.

The three would even snuggle up and sleep together.

It seems that these kittens gave Mason a degree of happiness, peace and security that he had likely never experienced before.

Most feral cats are put down simply because they are feral. Many others are euthanized because they are seen as not adoptable.

What an amazing story of second chances and of the love that one animal can show another. Watch the video below.

Source: Reshareworthy

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