Found Broken And Near Death, Trinity Needed A Miracle…Did God Have One For Her?

You would think that we humans would have learned something over the centuries. We should know about things like karma and goodwill and “doing unto others…”

Yet, the news is filled almost weekly with one after another dog fighting ring that is discovered and shut down. You’d also think with so many being shut down the problem would end.

But, it seems to be getting worse. There seems to be no good place for a pit bull to be born. Its chances are slim of finding a responsible home where it will be raised as part of the family.

Negative publicity haunts the breed, and breed bans still occur, despite the research and education that proves it is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Almost every rescue and veterinarian has come to the aid of some poor dog that has been used and abused by these heartless people that continue to abuse dogs for profit.

In almost every case, these “dangerous pit bulls” still have the desire to trust and protect humans…the very species that has made their life a living hell.

One such dog was Miss Trinity. Just two years old when she arrived at the Best Friends Animal Society, she had obviously seen very little kindness in her short life.

Trinity had wandered up at a burn site in California. She was in such poor condition that the workers that found her wondered if she would live to get to a veterinarian.

They packed her into a truck and raced her towards help. They quickly got Trinity to the local animal control department, who then transferred her to a veterinary hospital. It was from there that she eventually found her way to Best Friends.

The vets who treated her found that she had been so badly hurt that it would take a long time for her to recover. If she ever did.

They felt that her wounds matched those seen in the blood sport of dogfighting. There was little doubt in anyone’s mind from what horror Trinity had escaped.

She had scars all over her body. There were deep wounds on her chest and legs which had become extremely infected.

The skin on her face had been shredded from what appeared to be fighting with other dogs.

Even if she survived her physical injuries, they feared that her temperament might have been permanently scarred as well. Few humans could survive the torture this poor girl had lived for 2 years without turning a little bitter towards the world.

People involved in illegal dogfighting often use weak or submissive dogs as bait to train stronger, more confident dogs to participate in vicious dogfights.Trinity’s injuries looked very much like those that a bait dog in dogfighting would suffer. Her body was bruised, shattered and battered and she was in pain.

The documentary ‘The Champions’ was about the pit bulls rescued from NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s brutal dogfighting ring. Like the pit bulls featured in the documentary, Trinity showed no aggression toward anyone and was the perfect patient.

Trinity required surgery to help clean and repair her wounds before her physical healing could begin. Her recovery was wonderful to watch. She improved every day.

But the experts knew there was no telling how much care and recovery she would need before she could overcome her emotional wounds and be placed in a home.

They began working with her right away. They tested her in many different situations, with different animals and shapes and sizes of humans. What they saw in her eyes and in her heart amazed them.

She showed none of the deep-seated fear that is common in dogs used as bait. In fact, she did not seem to have any of the emotional damage or baggage that dogs rescued from brutal dogfights or dog baiting situations sometimes have.

Even after all she’d been through, Trinity held no grudges against anyone. All she wanted was comfort, safety and love. And she was willing to offer people her trust.

Says Best Friends manager Chris Vergallito. “On Mondays, I select a dog to join us at the manger’s office. When I walked in with Trinity, she was hesitant at first. It didn’t take long, though, for her to come out of her shell and work us all for treats. I knew right then and there, this dog was the epitome of extraordinary.”

In no time at all, Trinity was kicking up her heels and playing ball in her yard. From her reaction to the freedom, staff thinks it is likely that it was the first time in her life she was able to run around and be a dog. The fun, playful puppy hidden inside of Trinity finally got the chance to see the light.

Most bait dogs can have severe reactions to new dogs. Trinity proved again how extraordinary she was. She loved making new doggie friends.


Trinity had truly left her history in the past. Proving that the power of the breed was not just in their jaws and physical strength, but in their hearts that are always capable of forgiveness.

Before too long, all the staff agreed, there was no reason Trinity couldn’t be adopted out if the right person came along.

Within weeks Trinity found that person. It was love at first sight for both of them. Trinity walked up to her, gently climbed on her knee and gave her sweet kisses.

Now, with a heart and a home full of love, Trinity’s past is fading away as quickly as her scars, and she’s having the time of her life.

If only every bait dog and fighting dog could be given a chance to know what loving hands feel like. To know the exhilaration of running free with friends, chasing a ball instead of smaller, weaker dogs.

To help that day arrive faster, please share this story. And share the thousands like it. With anyone who might be harboring some hidden fear or distrust of the pit bull breed.

Flood your legislator’s office with copies. Let the world know that the pit bull isn’t the problem. The problem is the people who abuse them.

If these wonderful pit bulls can live through this type of horror and come out on the other side trusting humans, then we certainly should do no less for them.

Congratulations, Trinity. Best of luck to you and your new dog mom. May you have many blessed years together.


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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

Bobbye Hudspeth is a freelance writer living in a little cabin on a creek in North Alabama. She shares her mini-farm with two mini dachshunds, two cats and two fantail pigeons. She is involved in animal rescue and is currently writing a book on combining aerobics and the pool.

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