Mangy and Sick, Rescued Stray Gemma Is Fighting For Her Life When Her Secret Comes To Light

When Gemma arrived for care and treatment, the rescue sanctuary wasn’t sure if she was going to make it.

Most of her doggie body was covered in mange, which resulted in hair loss, skin loss, and scabs.

If they didn’t act quickly, Gemma was going to keep scratching herself, pulling out more of her hair, and create infections.

So, they went to work.

And Gemma came out like a champ.

But as she was defying all the odds and surviving her horrible skin problems, she gave her new found human friends the surprise of their lives: a set of 5 healthy puppies!

No one even knew she was pregnant!

Despite her weakened condition, Gemma was able to nurse her litter.

With treatment, a good diet and a lot of love, Gemma is on the mend!

And very happy in her new home!

So if you know of someone who works in the very difficult field of animal rescue, be sure to pass this story along to them.

This redeeming story can be a source of encouragement when they’ve had an exceptionally hard day.

Source: Honest To Paws

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Don Rasmussen

Written by Don Rasmussen

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