German Shepherd Just Ate, Mom Cracks Up At How He Asks For Seconds

This is just too cute!

Parents long for the day when their children can wait patiently for something.

After all, it’s not realistic for us to jump the minute they want or need something. And the truth is that we don’t want to. We want children to learn to become self-sufficient.

Of course, our pets are rarely patient either. Although some have been well trained to wait until they have permission.

The German Shepherd in this video isn’t patient. In fact, he’s begging for more food. But the manner in which he does so is absolutely adorable.

He stands by his bowl. He paws at it. Then he waits for his person to respond. His person obviously knows this routine, because he continues filming rather happily.

When that doesn’t work, the German Shepherd takes this further. He leads his person to the pantry to get more food.

His mom opens the pantry where the dog sees the food and whimpers a bit. At this point, most pet lovers will be dying to give him something to eat.

When his owner asks if he’s hungry, the dog happily barks out his affirmation. But then we learn that it’s midday and that the dog just ate. The hungry canine paws at his bowl again.

Thankfully, the owner does concede at the end of the video and agrees to more food.

With over four million views so far, this hungry German Shepherd is attracting animal lovers like mad. Even though he just ate, I think I’d have to give him more after begging like this, too. At least a little.

Watch the adorable interaction below.


Source: Pomegranate Sunshine

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