Great Dane Is Told He Can’t Go Swimming – His Hilarious Response Has The Entire Internet Cracking Up

Like most dogs, Max the Great Dane obviously loves the water.

And he really, really wants to go swimming.

But his careful owner says he can’t go in until he’s got his jacket on…and of course, Max doesn’t like that.

He apparently understands every word and he responds by “speaking,” too!

Source: Great Dane not allowed to swim, expresses his displeasure by MaxandKatietheGreatDanes on Rumble

The result is one of the cutest, funniest things you’ll ever see.

Owner and dog have an entire conversation here and through it all, Max does exactly as he’s told.

He clearly wants to break the rules and he’s annoyed that he can’t jump into the inviting pool, but he’s one obedient pet!

…but did anyone else want to see him just leap into the pool the instant the owner said no? 😉

Source: Rumble

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