Her Massive Great Dane Terrifies Everyone – Until They Learn The Big Lug’s Mind-Blowing Secret

If you ask someone what elephants are afraid of, their answer will be “mice.” The animal science community says that isn’t true, but it’s been a common belief for centuries.

Certainly, cartoons are full of vignettes of huge elephants, cowering on a chair or table to get away from a tiny mouse scurrying about on the floor.

Whether it’s true or not, we laugh at the idea of something so huge being afraid of something so tiny. One tap from an elephant’s trunk, or a stomp of one foot and its nemesis would be nothing but a memory.

We met up with one gigantic dog that has a secret he’s hoping doesn’t get around in his circle of friends. Presley has gained the nickname of Scooby Do because he is…

Promise you won’t tell anyone?

…afraid of anything that’s smaller than he is.

That’s right. This big ferocious looking beast is terrified of almost everything.

His mom, Sian Barrett, doesn’t know what caused him to be such a scaredy cat, er, scaredy dog, but he’s been that way since she has known him.

She says people are frightened of him at first because of his size, and they don’t believe her when she tells them that he is more scared than scary.

Presley weighs in at 180 pounds and measures six-feet-tall. But, his personality seems so gentle.

Barrett said: “People obviously are very struck by just how big Great Danes are when they first meet them, but Presley wins a lot of people around with his personality. He is a very patient dog.”

He has a hard time making friends because he runs to hide behind his mother at the sight of a smaller dog.

And, let’s face it, at his size, almost every dog he meets is going to be smaller than he is!

It’s not just small animals he’s afraid of either. Whip out a plastic bag, and you’ll send Presley scampering to find a safe corner to hide.
When he is at home, he has a special cushion that he uses to comfort himself when he gets scared. But, when he and his mom are out walking about, without his cushion, he uses mom as a security shield.
There was a time recently that I was walking Presley in the park and he got scared off by a West Highland Terrier, which is tiny compared to him.”
The big guy doesn’t take any chances either. He makes sure the coast is clear before he ventures out from his safe space after he’s been scared.

His mom laughs as she tells the story about Presley hiding from the little Westie. “Presley wouldn’t come back out until the other dog had gone and he knew he was safe. His temperament doesn’t match his size at all – he’s 38 inches at the shoulder, but scared of everything.”

One time, they walked and met a woman with a crying child. Because he was scared, Presley hated the noise at first. But, when the child walked up to him, she immediately stopped crying.

Presley seemed to sense that the little girl was no threat, and she recognized a friend in him.

We are so glad that Presley has such a wonderful mama that keeps him safe when things scare him. She doesn’t tease him about his insecurities either.

This goes to show you that no matter how big you are, you’re afraid of something. We are proud of Presley, to be honest about it when he’s frightened.

A wise man once said it’s okay to be scared sometimes. Real courage is the ability to admit when you are afraid.

Okay, maybe Presley admits it a little bit too often, but you have to admit, he’s all the more loveable for his sensitivities.

Source: Animals Being Cute

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