What? Golden Retriever Has Puppies – Her Owner Totally Shocked At The Color Of One!

It’s always exciting when a new baby is on the way. We do everything we can for the precious arrival. It’s no different with puppies.

If your dog has ever given birth to puppies, you know the feeling. There is an excitement and wonder that comes with the birth of puppies.

We do all we can for our precious pets to help them prepare for the arrival of their puppies.

Louise Sutherland was eagerly looking forward to the birth of her dog’s puppies. She has a three-year-old golden retriever named Rio.

As the time came for Rio to give birth, Louise did all she could to help Rio and provide a comfortable place for Rio and her puppies. Then the fateful day came.

Rio gave birth to nine happy healthy adorable puppies. But there was one that stood out. One of the puppies was born green.

That’s right. Green.

Only three cases of a puppy being born green are known.

It is caused by a bile pigment that is found in the placenta of dogs. When it mixes with the mother’s amniotic fluid, it can stain a puppy’s coat. It is this staining that results in the green color.

Rio has been an amazing mother to all nine of her puppies regardless of their color.

Forest, as the green puppy has been named, will eventually look more like his brothers and sister. The green color will fade soon.

Sutherland will reportedly keep Rio and Forest, but the rest of the puppies have been adopted into their forever homes.

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