Groomer Laughs Hysterically At What This Puppy Starts Doing While She’s Grooming Her – It’s Going Viral!

When young children are dropped off at childcare, they often cry for their mothers. Childcare providers gently console the child until she is ready to play.

We all know that our dogs often long for us when we leave home. They stay at the door or window looking for us at times.

Then they happily run to the door to greet us upon our return. Sometimes we are left to wonder what else they do when we’re gone.

But what do they do when we leave them with the groomer? We’ve seen in some pet stores that many dogs casually go about their business, get their hair cut and then go home.

But others miss their moms the same way a young child does.

Oreo is a sweet little puppy from Leesburg, Georgia. On a recent visit to the vet for grooming, Oreo became a star. The video below has already been viewed over two million times.

Oreo is hooked into her grooming harness when she begins making the cutest noise. It sounds like a mix between a baby crying and a young child calling for her mama.

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The veterinary assistant holds the puppy and laughs hysterically at the puppy’s sounds. Oreo continues her high-pitched calls for mama.


“You’re so funny! she says. “Are you mad at me because I’m laughing at you?” Oreo just keeps calling for mama.


No doubt this is one puppy that this groomer will never forget. Hopefully, her momma came back soon to get her and take her home.

Source: Ms Gabby

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