Helicopter Rescues Man From Floods, Stunned By What He’s Struggling To Hold In His Arms

Stories are still pouring out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Tales of people being rescued from flood waters because they wouldn’t leave their animals behind.

We’ve seen dogs and cats and birds in boats, in boxes or bowls held high over someone’s head, wrapped up in their owner’s arms and even floating along being towed in their own personal boat made out of an old cooler or suitcase.

Those who work in rescue units, for the most part, have been happy to help carry animals to safety alongside their humans. Then, there are those who have been riding the waves seeking out only animals, or humans with animals, taking the humans along to safety as sort of an afterthought.

According to So Share This, one rescue group that deserves special mention is the New York Air National Guard’s 106th Rescue Wing.

Deployed to Houston by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the National Guard members got to work as soon as their boots touched the ground, helping countless people get to safety and saving hundreds of lives.

They know what they’re doing. They’ve been there. They’ve done that when Sandy hit their home.

On August 30, the NY Air National Guard tweeted that they were “doing FANTASTIC work in Houston. They’ve rescued 334 people since Monday.” CBS-New According to York that number is 531 by the following Friday and the number is climbing still.

They have posted some photos of their rescues, and a lot of photos and videos of them have been posted by others. There is one in particular that has gone viral because of its unexpected poignancy.

It opens with a family of nine – including 3 adults and six children, ages one-month, 18-months, a three-year-old, and teenagers – being pulled out of the floodwaters.

They are pulled up and into an HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter by members of the 106th Rescue Wing.

That’s pretty poignant in itself. A family of nine stranded on a rooftop. With a month-old-baby. How terrifying for the family.

It was especially poignant for one of the Guard members on board too. He had left behind a one-year-old baby to come to Texas to do his part. He knew full well the emotions those parents were feeling, seeing their children pulled to safety.

As they say on late night advertising, “…but wait, there’s more!”

As they pulled one man in a red shirt into the helicopter, people noticed that he wasn’t alone in the basket. Everyone leaned closer to try to see what the man was sheltering.

Was it another baby? Personal belongings?

There was a moment of fear when the wind whipped the man out of his Savior’s grasp and the basket wobbled alarmingly. The man didn’t loosen his grip though.

Then a collective “awwww” was heard around the world when they saw what the man was holding so tightly.

The man had waited patiently below to be sure all of his family had made it into the helicopter safely. Then, he had shared his bucket with his best friend. Because soldiers know, when you’re in the field, you never leave a man behind.

The whole family cheered when their very wet, very straggly little white dog was handed into waiting hands of Guardsmen and then passed to a family member. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The family was back together. And safe.

Watch the incredible video –

NY Air National Guard

GREAT JOB: "God bless the crew!" The New York Air National Guard's 106th Rescue Wing rescued a baby into an HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter as part of their rescue work in Houston.

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

May this remind us all of the responsibility we take on when we take a pet into our lives. Our hearts are warmed by so many wonderful stories of the incredibly devoted families that considered their pets to be part of them. Just another family member.

And kudos to those well-trained men on that chopper that accepted that four-foot into their waiting arms as readily as they did the humans that came before.

Going above and beyond to try to rescue your fellow man when he needs help is what being an American about. And not being willing to sacrifice your pet because it makes things more difficult for you is what being a human is all about.

God Bless the USA…and especially those being rescued, and those that pulled them to safety right now. May we never forget the unity we are seeing now.

Source: So Share This

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