Hikers Spot Terrified Bulldog Hanging On For Dear Life…Devise A Genius Plan To Save Her

We live in what is sometimes called a “me” society.

For many of us, our first thought is, “how will this affect me?” or, “how can I make this benefit me?”

For that reason, even the simplest acts of human kindness make headlines.

A scared bulldog in Australia learned recently that good people really DO exist. And sometimes, they are willing to do whatever it takes to do the right thing.

Two hikers at Australia’s Mt. Glorious National Park had started their day expecting to spend it exploring the beautiful park scenery.

It was one of their favorite pastimes and they looked forward to a peaceful, beautiful, and active day surrounded by trees and little critters scurrying about.

It ended up quite differently, but both say they wouldn’t change a thing!

The hikers were crossing a beautiful creek when they heard a pitiful cry coming from the water below.

They moved in for a closer look and were shocked at what they saw!

An obviously lost and terrified dog was clinging to the rocks, trying to find a hold so she could climb out.

They decided immediately that they had to do something to help.

She was in good physical shape, so they knew that she belonged to someone that was probably frantically looking for her.

They got her out of her current predicament, then they were faced with another big problem:

It was very apparent that Miss Piggy was exhausted from her ordeal and just couldn’t walk.

The rescuers didn’t know how long she had been running through the woods before she fell into the creek, but it was obvious that she had hit her endurance limit.

So, what to do? The hikers approached cautiously and Miss Piggy watched carefully.

Once Miss Piggy decided that they weren’t going to harm her, she came and sat by them.

She looked up at them as if knowing that they were trying to decide her fate.

As the scared dog sat with them, the men realized she was just too tired to walk the long trail back.

They also knew they couldn’t simply carry her, as she was one very large dog. How could they get Miss Piggy to safety?

Well, proving that necessity really is the mother of invention, they devised a genius plan.

Using an empty green bag they had with them, they fashioned a two-man sling of sorts.

They coaxed her in, and she immediately settled right down…I wonder if she figured out that they were trying to save her life?

Once she was settled in the bag, the men found a large branch and threaded it through the straps of the bag.

Next, they hoisted the branch onto their shoulders and slowly made their way down the hiking trail.

Miss Piggy rode along like Cleopatra on her barge for 45 minutes as the men carried her back to civilization and safety.

Considering that she weighs 90 pounds, they certainly proved what great shape they are in!

Miss Piggy relaxed more and more as the miles passed beneath her. By the time they reached the men’s van she was all smiles and wiggles.

Now, it was time to figure out where Miss Piggy belonged. They were pretty sure it wasn’t at the bottom of a creek bed!

It turned out that Miss Piggy, whose real name was Bobby,  disappeared from her owner’s yard 10 miles away.

How she ended up in trouble in the woods nobody can guess!

She was missing for three weeks, but she somehow managed to stay in good health the entire time.

And boy, her grateful owner was thrilled to get his girl back home where she belonged!

Bobby owes her life to those two wonderful men who put aside their plans for a peaceful day in the woods communing with nature. Instead, they saved a life.

They say they’d do it again in a heartbeat. Hopefully next time they’ll get double enjoyment from their nature walk.

Anyway, we’re sure grateful that things ended up the way they did this time. We just love happy endings!

Source: Honest To Paws

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

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