Homeless Dog Rescued From An Abandoned House — Vets X-Ray His Stomach & Rush Him Into Surgery

Animals will do just about anything to survive. And the dog we’re talking about today took that statement to a whole other level recently. The poor boy didn’t have much time left.

Left behind

Some of the most incredible tales of survival come from rescuers who see horrific situations every day.

For instance, there’s the amazing story of Stewie, a senior dog who had – up to a point – lived a happy, comfortable life.

But then his family suddenly fell on hard times and they moved away…leaving poor Stewie behind.

That’s where Stewie was forced to stay, in an abandoned house that had once been a warm, loving home.

He was alone and hungry for over a year and nobody knew just how difficult his life had become.

That is, until JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo from Hope for Paws showed up to rescue Stewie.

As you might expect, the poor abandoned creature was scared and distrustful. But JoAnn and Lisa were finally able to bring Stewie in.


He was dirty and suffered from skin tumors but that’s not the most heartbreaking thing they found…

When vets x-rayed his stomach, they found Stewie’s belly was actually full of rocks!

He’d eaten them out of desperation, clearly, and they needed to be extracted. Immediately.

The offending stones, along with the skin tumors (which thankfully turned out to be 100% benign), were quickly removed.

Since his harrowing brush with death, things have really turned around for Stewie.

Not only is he healthy again, he has also landed a loving foster parent and his loyal, charming personality is coming back, too.

All that’s left is for a new family to officially adopt him…and that day shouldn’t be far off.

Everyone is so touched by this story, Stewie won’t be without love ever again!

Source: IHeartDogs

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