Homeless Man Sleeps On Cold Sidewalk At Animal Shelter, Staff Asks Him Why – It’s Heartbreaking

In many towns and cities across the nation, homeless men and women huddle to stay warm in the winter and seek shelter from the heat in summer.

They often have to beg for help from strangers just to survive.

Many of us are especially moved when we see a homeless person with a dog. We know that both are in need of a home and that they are able to provide care and comfort to one another in their most distressing times.

Often it seems as if they are the only friends in the world.

So, it is particularly distressing when a homeless person and his or her dog are separated. That is what happened last Friday in Atlanta.

A kennel technician at Atlanta’s DeKalb County Animal Services approached the shelter when he saw a man asleep on the sidewalk outside of the animal shelter.

He approached the man to see if he was okay. He soon learned that the man had lost his dog and was desperately hoping that she would be found and brought to the shelter.

Compassion filled the technician as he investigated and learned that the man’s dog, Tata, had been found and taken to a different animal shelter across town.

The technician learned that the man had spent his last cent on a bus to get to this shelter. So, he did something that will melt your heart.

The technician paid for the man to get a ticket to help him get across town to the other shelter. He would finally be reunited with his beloved Tata.

Watch the video below and see the amazing reunion as Tata and her dad finally see each other again.

Posted by Tracy Hunton Thompson on Friday, August 18, 2017

Source: I Heart Dogs

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