Rescuers Horrified to Learn This Horse Refuses to Eat Because He Has a Broken Neck

Animal control officers see a lot of animals in terrible predicaments while on patrol. But finding this abused horse cowering in the bushes might take the cake.

Just outside of the Spanish city of Algorfa, officers were called about a horse tied to a tree, abandoned with no food, water, or shelter.

When they arrived, they were stunned at the condition of the little starving pony that wouldn’t even look at them.

They later realized why.

Abused horse

The poor thing was just standing there with his head in a bush and wouldn’t turn around.

He was skin and bones.

Rescuers pulled the horse’s head from the bushes, and realized he was having trouble with his eyes. You see, they were horribly infected and the poor abused horse just wanted to keep the flies out of there.

They knew they had to rush the terribly sick animal to the vet, so they loaded him up as quickly as possible.

Broken neck!

Once they arrived at the animal hospital, the veterinarian discovered the real issue with the pony not looking at them. His neck had been broken from abuse and he couldn’t lift his head.

But they weren’t ready to give up on him. He had surgery, got around the clock care, and began springing back.

He was finally able to lift his head to nuzzle the people who saved his life.

Fudge, as they named him, will live out the rest of his days at the rescue center where he is loved and adored.

He went through a horrible time in his life, and everyone is going to make sure that he knows nothing but love.

Check him out in the video below:

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