Horse Walks Up To A Suffering Veteran, What Happens Next Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle!

There is a long history of soldiers and their “trusty steeds” accomplishing amazing feats of heroism in time of war.

It is a bond of man and horse that crosses cultures across the globe.

Soldiers often return from war with an endless, empty pain that leaves them lost, out of touch.

For one soldier, the scars of war were almost unbearable.

Elizabeth Torres shared how she became “reclusive, introverted, isolated” after her time in the military.

“There’s some good left in here,” she says. “There really is!”

She found the one who could bring out the good in her. Her warrior-companion was Whiskey, a retired racehorse from a special sanctuary called Saratoga War Horse in New York.

The program matches retired racehorses from Saratoga Springs Racetrack.

The horses fought their own wars, and now they pair with their soldier counterparts so both may find healing and self-worth.

Bob Nevins, a veteran who founded Saratoga War Horse, personally knows the pains of war and need for healing.

The transformation that takes place, you realize you may have just saved someone’s life.

“There’s a lot of pain that these veterans have to find a way to let go of, and this seems to be a very effective method,” Nevins said.

Soldiers and horses develop a “miraculous” connection that Nevins can’t completely explain as it happens once the tandem meets in the arena.

“The horse responds to that with a tremendous relief, ‘Oh, somebody understands me,’” he said. “And that’s what the veteran is actually saying at the same time, ‘Oh, someone understands me finally.’

“The transformation that takes place, you realize you may have just saved someone’s life.”

Torres is a firm believer in the miracle connection with Whiskey from the first time the horse walked up to her.She believes her trusted companion has helped her regain some of what was taken from her in war.

Their bond is a miraculous healing for both the veterans and horses. Watch the amazing video…

Source: Pawpulous

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