As The Truck Opened, Their Eyes Met…It Was Instant Love, But It Almost Never Happened

When it comes to adopting a rescue dog, a lot of emotions can come with the territory, but it’s so awesome the moment a family picks their dog up to take them home.

A special rescue organization, Tracy’s Dogs, sees a lot of tears in new owner’s eyes.They pair new owners with dogs all over the country that are in high-kill shelters – it’s a win-win.

After the dog is chosen, the organization meets the new pet owners at a Pet Smart nearest to their town to deliver the dogs from their truck into the hands of their new owners.

You can see the emotion all over their faces as they wait in anticipation.

Brian Roseto and Megan Peters recently started the adoption process on the Tracy’s Dogs website.

It was there they discovered the perfect pup, that they would name Finn; they knew that he was the new member of their family that they’d been looking for.

Just before they met the little guy in person, Megan said, “I’m so excited, I’m trying not to cry.”

But that wasn’t the only introduction that day – there were many waiting that day.

When the rescue worker would call their name and come toward them with their pup in his arms, the new pet parents burst into tears.

After handing them their new pooch, the worker explained that “It’s really one of the best feelings in the world. I might have a poker face, but it’s all butterflies riding up here.”

This is a beautiful organization. They want to ensure that all of their rescued dogs are given the perfect home with the best fit adoptive family they can find.

Watch the touching video of the moment the dogs are handed to their new families. I dare you not to tear up too.

Despite the anxiety involved in waiting to hear if the family is the right fit for the dog, it is worth it when that little sweet animal is in the family’s arms heading to its forever home.

Source: Honest To Paws

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Written by Cate Bryan

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