Genius Husky Busts Out Of His Cage, Security Cams Capture His Next Brilliant Move

There’s a condition known as “white coat fever” that affects a lot of people. When they visit a doctor or hospital or anywhere that people would be dressed in white coats, they go almost into a panic mode.

Some dogs feel the same way if they are taken to the veterinarians.

Whining, trembling and exhibiting other terrified behavior is common. And no amount of treats, coaxing or scolding can make them behave normally.

Terrified husky

One Siberian Husky left for an overnight stay at a veterinarian clinic in China was captured on video as he staged a daring escape plan.

His antics prove that dogs the world over are so much alike!

If you’ve ever tried to open the clasp of a wire dog crate, you know how difficult it can be.

Sometimes you end up with a smashed finger or simply frustrated at not being able to get it to work.


Now watch as this Siberian Husky, left alone for the night in a wire crate at the vet clinic, easily opens his cage door and walks out.

Tail wagging proudly, he meanders about the room, looking for the next piece of the puzzle.

Once he’s free of his prison, he makes his way to the exit door of the room. You can almost imagine you’re hearing James Bond theme music playing in the background…

Obviously, he had hoped the door would push open for him, but he’s disappointed.

He had no way of knowing that not even a human would have been able to get out of the room without knowing the key code for the lock.

But he didn’t quit. The dog just starts tearing the door frame apart, piece by piece.

He soon realized the futility of that, though. Then the crafty critter finally left the door alone and went straight to Plan B…

No one is sure what Plan B was exactly, but obviously, it began with moving one of the cat cages out into the middle of the floor.

Perhaps he thought the cage was hiding a secret door?

We thought maybe he was going to try to let the cat out of the cage. But no, the cat was left where he was.

Whatever his reason for doing it, you have to admire his technique.

But, sadly, there was no escape hatch waiting for him behind the cage. No beam of light waiting to transport him away from his dungeon of death.

He kept trying

Just…floor. And wall. Nothing to  make his escape possible.

After checking out the area behind the cage, he wandered around a bit as if trying to remember if there had been a Plan C.

For a few moments, he was out of view of the cam.

Our mind boggles at what acts of derring-do he may have performed that we’ll never know.

When he emerged from behind the cage, he obviously had Plan C firmly in mind. But it required help from his gang.


What he did next amazes everyone who watches this video!

I’m not going to give away the plot twist, but I will say that if I’m ever in prison, I sincerely hope this guy is in the cell next to me!

We think he should be given a Medal of Excellence for his Houdini-like escape tricks!

Source: Honest To Paws

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