Woman Finds Exhausted Husky Pups Tied To Tree To Starve, Then Notices The Mysterious Box And Note

There is usually a Lost & Found box in public parks where you can turn in things you find lying around.

The box is usually filled to the brim with coats and sweaters, gloves, sunglasses and other small items left behind by forgetful park users.

Park workers often get calls, asking if a lost possession is in that box. And sometimes, park officials get other calls…

Yes, pets can indeed go missing as well.

And worse, some people just dump their poor pets in parks, abandoning them to loneliness and the harsh elements.

Here’s one such heartbreaking example:

A visitor to the Woodward Dog Park in Fresno, California called park manager Mona Ahmed to tell her that a pair of young Siberian husky dogs had been left tied in the park.

Passers-by said the dogs had been there for quite some time, so they had definitely been abandoned.

Mona rushed to the location and was horrified to find that the two beautiful dogs waiting there patiently had indeed been abandoned.

Then Mona read the note attached to the box of dog food, toys and bowls that had been left near the dogs.

Her heart broke as she read the words:

Our names are Jada (black) and Layla (brown). We are nice 1-year-old dogs.

Please don’t split us up. Layla gets scared without her sister.

Mona asked everyone nearby if they had any idea about the identity of the owner.

Somebody said, ‘Yes, I saw [a woman] leave the Huskies behind. She just told us she’s going to the car, and she’ll be right back.

So nobody really paid attention to the fact that she was really gone,’” Ahmed told The Dodo.

Mona just wanted to explode with anger.

How dare anyone be so stupid and heartless as to leave their dogs in a strange place with no idea of where they would end up?!

This is not the way you give dogs away,” Ahmed said. “All they had to do was ask for help.

Her first instinct was to search for the owner and bring them to justice. If caught abandoning dogs, the penalties can be quite severe.

But she couldn’t find the owner and so she was forced to call a local shelter.

Mona hated to do it but as the dogs were in good condition, she figured there’d be a good chance they’d get in with a loving foster family.

At the same time, however, Mona’s anger just increased.

Making someone else take the responsibility for your poor decision-making is reprehensible.

Every pet owner is responsible for the lives of those pets and to just drop them off is beyond negligent. It’s just wrong.

But hopefully, this story will have a happy ending.

Ideally, Jada and Layla will end up in a great situation where they can grow old together, with people who understand the breed.

Too many dogs in similar situations won’t be so lucky.

So, the next time you see an abandoned animal, do the right thing…because the previous owner obviously didn’t.

Sources: The DodoAnimal Rescue Site

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