Artful Husky Redecorates The Family Home, Says ‘You’re Welcome!’

Pets can get into a lot of trouble when left home alone. Anyone who owns a dog has had a pair of shoes or a book chewed up.

Most people expect them to get in trouble now and then but the pet parents in this story could not have imagined what they were about to walk into.

The family went to take in a movie, leaving their Husky home alone to roam freely.

He came across a jar of ink while exploring. You can’t imagine what happened next…

When he got to the family room things got even worse…

But he wasn’t done yet…

That’s when he remembered that he’s not allowed on the bed…

Not that he forgot the bedroom floor…

Of course, by the time the family got home, he was a perfect gentleman.

If your heart can take it, here’s the video.

No word on whether this family still has a dog! Hahahaha!

Source: Mashable

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