Kate Was Crushed When She Lost Her Puppy, 11 Years Later She Makes A Shocking Discovery…

People who own pets become pretty attached to their furry friends. For good reason, too. Our animal companions provide friendship and loyalty, not to mention unconditional love. That’s something we often don’t get elsewhere.

So losing your beloved pet, especially at a young age, is devastating. That’s just what happened to young Kate Griffen. When she was only a girl, her parents got divorced.

A divorce is enough to send a young children’s life into a tailspin. But what made the situation worse was the fate of their beloved dog, Cami.

Cami wasn’t allowed at Kate’s dad’s house, where she and her siblings stayed most of the week. So for a time, the pup stayed at their mom’s. But soon their mom had trouble taking care of the animal, as Cami couldn’t deal with only seeing the children just one day a week.

As you can imagine, Cami would act out, because she missed Kate and her other family members. Kate’s mom just didn’t seem to be the person who could deal with the dog. Kate’s mom gave Cami to the sitter. While even more upsetting, at least Kate was still able to see Cami, once and while.

But that didn’t last. The sitter dropped the tragic news that Cami wasn’t going to stay with her. The sitter gave the dog to another family. Kate would no longer be able to see her beloved dog.

The years passed. Cami becomes a distant memory. One day Kate was walking down the street when she saw a woman walking a pair of dogs. There was a big one and a little one. The little one looked remarkably like Kate’s old pup Cami. Kate decided to stop the woman to say hello. The woman gladly introduced the dogs to her.

The big one was named Riley. The little one? Cami!

After a few moments of conversation, Kate discovered that this woman worked for the family who adopted her beloved Cami, all those years ago. Kate was in complete amazement. Eleven years later, she was face to face with her childhood dog! It didn’t take long for her to break into tears.

She took a picture with Cami. At first, the dog seemed standoffish. But in a matter of moments, she was licking Kate. It was as if all those years never happened.

Even though Kate had to say goodbye to her pup, she was able to learn that Cami found a loving family and is living a full, long life.

Rarely do stories like that have a happy ending. Even in the sorrow of divorce, something good came out in the end.

Source: Animals Being Cute

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Written by Adam Casalino

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