Tiny Starving Kitten Found Abandoned, He Needs A Miracle In 24 Hours Or He’s Done For

In the first few days of its time on earth, a baby desperately needs care and sustenance.

It’s such a critical period that if the newborn is denied these necessities, its chance of survival is horribly slim.

This goes for all babies, including animals.

So, when Melinda Blain stumbled across a poor abandoned kitten outside, she knew she had to act fast.

The tiny tyke wasn’t more than a week old and it was obviously starving to death.

Worse still, it was very underweight, and his poor sibling was already lying dead beside him. What a horrible start to life!

Melinda raced to a nearby rescue, Rescuing Animals In Need (RAIN), where the team worked quickly to get the kitten a foster mom.

And who better than the woman who saved the kitty’s life?

That’s right, Melinda took the suffering kitten home and named him Mety. His tiny size really concerned her, however,

This little guy needed to eat…and eat FAST! And so he did. As Melinda told Love Meow:

He already upped his weight by 20 percent in just a day, and he loves his kitten milk.

He’s such a sweetheart and purrs for after-meal cuddles.

Wow! 20 percent in one day is just incredible! That’s how you defeat the terrible odds!

Melinda says Mety has become quite the champion eater and his never-say-die attitude is just amazing.

He has always been a strong eater and has quickly become a chunky baby who loves his bottle.

It always worries me when I get babies that young that are underweight and malnourished, but he is such a fighter and the sweetest little guy.

Mety just took his first steps, too, and though he started out a little uncoordinated, he’s rapidly getting the hang of it.

And Melinda couldn’t be happier with Mety’s rapid improvement:

He’s already made such tremendous progress and has been such a little healthy baby with a strong spirit!

If she hadn’t found the starving baby when she did, there’s almost zero chance Mety would be with us today.

Talk about quick-thinking and fast-acting! ūüėÄ

For more on Mety and his adventure, check out his adorable Instagram page.

Source: Pawpulous

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