No One Sees Toddler Fall Into Raging Damn, Except His Furry Friend Leala

It doesn’t matter how carefully you watch your children, there will always be times when for a few seconds they dart out of view.

Too many times, fingers are pointed at bad parenting when a child gets hurt. But, truth be known, no one can do anything 100% of every minute. Certainly not keep an eye on a target that can pop out of view like a rabbit in a magic act.

When the Kenney family packed up to attend a barbecue in New South Wales, they had no idea they wouldn’t be coming back home that evening. Instead, their lives were about to totally change forever.

At the barbecue, even with both parents nearby, 2-year-old Alexander managed to fall into a dam. No one realized he was missing, so no one was around to see his plight.

Except for his special friend, his dog named Leala. As soon as the pit bull realized what had happened, she rushed to find help.

When Leala raced up to Andrew’s father, she was dripping wet. A fact that the parents realized later meant that she had likely attempted to save Andrew herself before coming for help.

Once Leala had found Alexander’s father, David Kenney, he followed her to Alexander’s side. He pulled him from the water and began performing CPR.

Alexander was unconscious and unresponsive. EMTs were called immediately to the scene. They continued the CPR on Andrew’s lifeless body and called for a helicopter airlift.

After 27 minutes of intense CPR, with no signs of life except a weak pulse, Little Andrew arrived at the hospital. Doctors examined him and put him on life support.

They told the terrified family that they should be prepared for the worst. Andrew most likely would not leave the hospital alive.

Even if he did manage to pull through, the chances of him being permanently brain damaged were very high. They could not offer any words of encouragement or hope. Things indeed looked grim.

The family waited by his bed for 36 exhausting and agonizing hours before Andrew began to show signs of coming around. Soon he was removed from life support and began to breathe on his own.

Andrew’s mother posted the following on Facebook later that day. “Big thanks to the Westpac Careflight team, the amazing staff at Lady Cintro and our family who have been on this tough ride with us. Big super special thanks to our friends who dropped everything to be by our side, we love you guys and thanks for the CPR. Thanks for everyone’s positive thoughts and prayers, we have an army behind us. Last but not least we need to thank our precious dog Leala, she went into the dam and then found David to alert him. Without her we wouldn’t have our little boy with us today, scotch fillets forever sweetheart 💜.”

Alexander has now made a full recovery and is back home playing with Leala again. His parents try hard to keep him in sight at all times. But, they are grateful to know that Leala has Andrew’s back if he needs her again.

They had no idea when they adopted Leala in 2008 that she would repay their kindness so heroically. She saved their son’s life. She had always been a loyal and loving companion…now she has the title of “hero dog.”

The Kenneys hope that everyone who reads Andrew’s story learns CPR. It saved her son’s life. Even with Leala’s swift action, Andrew would have died if those nearby hadn’t known how to keep CPR going until the professionals arrived.

The National Safety Council offers instructions online, and the Red Cross offers classes in almost every area at some point during the year. We hope you’ll honor the Kenney’s request if you’re not already well versed in CPR during an emergency.

I’m not sure what a “scotch fillet” is, but I’m hoping it’s Leala’s favorite thing in the world. Next to Alexander, of course.

Source: The Dodo

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