Loyal Elephant Stands At A Fence For 3 Weeks…When You See What She Was Waiting For, You’ll Be In Tears

Humans making connections with animals is hardly uncommon.

It’s one of the great joys of life, of course.

And obviously, animals can make connections with other animals as well.

But in the latter case, that typically involves animals of the same species…or at least animals of the same relative size.

You wouldn’t expect a gigantic animal like an elephant to befriend something small and furry, right?

Ah, but that’s exactly what Tarra, a 35-year-old-Asian elephant, did. And it’s one heckuva friendship, too!

At a sanctuary in Tennessee, she became fast friends with a very unlikely animal…one humans typically adore.

Sanctuary cofounder Carol Buckley told the Oprah Winfrey Network:

“Every elephant that comes here searches out someone that she then spends most all of her time with.”

And that someone could be just about anyone. In Tarra’s case, it was an amazing dog named Bella.

Bella and Terra may be an unlikely duo but Carol says they “eat together, drink together, sleep together, and play together.”

And recently, that great friendship was put to the test.

Poor Bella suffered a serious injury and had to be confined to the house for a while. Which meant she couldn’t come visit Tarra.

For her part, Tarra was obviously concerned.

The elephant would stand waiting by the fence near the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of her injured friend.

When sanctuary workers carried Bella out to Tarra, the elephant’s reaction is just heartbreaking.

Finally, though, Bella did recover and the two are back together in the open, joined at the hip in the most incredible way.

See? Just about any two animals can become BFFs!

Source: Honest to Paws

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