Feral Mama Cat Has These Precious Kittens In the Most Unbelievable Place!

Animals have an uncanny ability to find shelter in the strangest of places. One feral mama cat was about to give birth and didn’t have anywhere safe to go.

She looked and looked, and finally found somewhere she felt her kittens would be protected. It was the most unlikely of places.

Ready for it? They were found inside an abandoned washing machine!

The kittens were born healthy and rescued.

The teeny five-week-old kittens, aptly named Daz, Ariel, Persil, Surf and Fairy, were found with their mum, a feral cat, living inside the drum of a washing machine left in a garden belonging to a florist.

A total of five kittens were rescued and have a new home, and it’s all thanks to a member of the staff at the florist who notified  The Mayhew Animal Home.

“She scooped them up and put them in a box, ready for us to collect when we arrived at the florist.”

“We brought all…kittens back to our Home where they were settled into a comfy and warm kitten cabin and were given a thorough health check by our Vet team.”

“Thankfully, they were all in very good condition and were healthy weights.”

They couldn’t be happier in their new home!

This goes to show just how resilient animals can be.

Source: Good News Shared

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